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2004-05-16 - 6:41 p.m.

Prom was so much fun. First I went and got my nails done which I have neve done before with Amanda and Brooke. After that I went home and I got all dressed up, you know the whole prom sh-bang. I looked like a princess. (That's what my mommy told me *laughs*)I even had a little tiara in my hair which by the way was all curly. Something it never ever does. Its was an awesome night though. I mostly was acting stupid as usual, and hung out with some friends. I didn't slow dance with anyone because 1-the guy I liked wasn't even there and 2-all the rest of the good boys weren't there or already had dates. I wanted to take Matt but he has baseball that night and well yeah.(More on Matt in the next paragraph) I ended up spending the night with KK.We spent the night watching TV and eating pizza. We were going to go to IHOP with everyone else, but her Mom wouldn't take us so that was out of the question. In the end though it was an awesome night.

On to Matt.....that's my new crush it sucks though because (yeah I know it sounds bad) but he is in the 7th grade and I am in the 8th grade. I only have like one week left to spend with him because school ends this Friday for me!!!!!!!!Oh yeah Oh yeah. But the sad part is that I wont be able to see him next year because he will be stuck at Westview and I am going on to Connally.I think he may like me, but I am not totally sure.Maybe if he does like me and I like him when I am a sophomore than we could date but that sounds bad does it?!?!?!I mean a sophomore dating a freshman?!?!?I can see you know an older boy dating a younger girl, but an older girl dating a younger boy?!?!?I don't know I am thinking way into the future and I am not even sure I will still like him than.(Dont think so fast Shelby......)

Tomorrow I have my 8th grade field trip were we are just going to this big park with a pool, basketball courts, and some other things. It will be fun I guess. But no one wants to go swimming or the girls I mean because all my friends think they look too fat in their swimsuits. I tried to get them to atleast take their swimsuits but they wont. Or if they did bring them they were just going to tan. Hello this isn't the get tanned field trip.Anyways on Tuesday I have softball practice with this new team I joined. I probably wont play with them in any tournaments though but I am just going to practice with them to get in some playing time. After that I have an awards ceremony to get ready for I am getting an award for something I guess I don't know. Well, I better run. Peace out and till laters!!!!!!

♥,Shelby xoxox



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